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Many people are now opting for a "Personal Shopper" who will do most of their interent shopping for them, or do some research into an internet site, for it's reliabilty and services. Did you know the biggest complaints are about companies that didn't live up to what they promised. Items were not shipped on time and being overcharged was the major complaints for consumers. If you are thinking about purchasing something on the net and isn't to sure about the site, contact me and I will check out the site and it's business practices. Here are some Very Unique Shops with some Original gifts, Designer clothing and so much more. Be An Original and shop here. I try to ensure safe and guaranteed sites to purchase from. Please read the disclaimer to ensure your finacial security is safe.

Comparison shop 'till you drop! This is the only way to shop on the net. You have to compare prices, store locations, shipping costs and quality. You will find it here.
Need a gift certificate? Want to make a good impression quickly? Try the Internet gift certificate site. FREE UPS shipping!
Designer Fashions by Addison on Madison, Barbara Feinman Millinery DC Superstar,Lina Tsai Meghan Kinney. Some of the tops designers at Great Prices.
Pop Culture Items
Healing Stones,Coffee Cup Clock Musical NY Skyline Waterball NYPD Mug,LA Skateboards. Looking for something really Unique for a gift.
Click for FREE COUPONS! Print Coupons from your computer. Most of the coupons here can be used locally. You will save money and that is what it is all about.
The Chocolate Bear A sinful treat to the taste buds. If you like the rich taste of chocolate at prices you can afford, this store will melt you.
Turn email into voicemail.
This is highly recommended for all who use their email for business. You can access you email from any phone without any problems.
Sports Main Page What's Hot in the world of sports. Baseball, Football and plenty of other sports. Here you can get the latest updates, scores and team info. Everything you need to stay tuned.
Find the Best Prices on Video Games From Nintendo to Playstation find the best prices for these games here.
Men's Fashion Main Page For the gentleman in your life. Make the man in your look great and prices anyone can afford.
Collecting Exchange From baseball cards to antique cars, it's here. Great place to find that "hard to find gift" for the person who has everything.
Tree Givers The Perfect Gift The Perfect Gift celebrates our future while remembering our past. Treegivers the gift that celebrates all life.
Connie's Gifts
Some great Trinkets to Unique Gifts can be found here.
Buy Abstract Studios Merchandise This is a really different place to find some Unique items. Great prices for the Perfect Gift.

Safe, Secure and the only card you will ever need. One of the best card to use when shopping on the internet.
Blue from American Express

Find the SalesGenie and Win your Prize..

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